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Geogrid laying method


Fibergalss Geogrid02

The anchoring method does not use self-adhesive glass fiber geogrid to enhance the asphalt concrete pavement and prevent the road surface and the road surface from reflecting cracks. It can be constructed by anchoring method, but it is better to first lay the fiberglass geogrid and then spread the hot asphalt as the sticky oil. Construction workers must wear gloves as follows:

a. The adhesive layer oil is made of AH-70 or AH-90 heavy oil hot asphalt. The specification and quality of the adhesive layer oil should conform to JTJ032-94, “Technical Specifications for Highway Asphalt Pavement Construction”, and sprayed by special vehicles. The adhesive layer oil is about 0.4kg-0.6kg per square meter.

b. When laying the fiberglass geogrid, it should be laid smoothly and tightly. The length of the horizontal overlap should be 50-100mm, the length of the longitudinal overlap should be 150-200mm, and the rear end should be pressed according to the paving direction. Below one end.

c. Roll with a rubber roller.

d. 50?0?.3mm fixed iron, requiring no flat angle, suitable for chamfering around, 2 inch steel nail (quality cement nail)

e When nailing the fiberglass geogrid, fix one end with a fixed iron and nail on the lower structure of the sprinkled asphalt. The nail can be injected with a hammer or a gun. When the grille is longitudinally tightened, the glass fiber is in a straight and straight state.

f. When the nail is fixed, the grid overlap distance is: the longitudinal joint overlap distance is not less than 15cm, and the horizontal overlap distance is not less than 5cm. The longitudinal overlap should be placed on the next one based on the asphalt paving direction.

g. When nailing, do not nail the nail to the glass fiber, nor use the hammer to directly hit the glass fiber. If it is found that the nail is broken or the iron sheet is loose after fixing, it needs to be re-fixed.

h. To prevent the tires of the construction vehicle from sticking the fiberglass grille and the sticky oil. And the asphalt concrete paver wheel slipping phenomenon, the stone should be sprinkled on the surface of the adhesive layer oil, the amount of stone scrap is 3m3/1000m2-5m3/1000m2.

i. Do not apply when the atmospheric temperature is below 10 degrees Celsius or when the road surface is wet.

j. The construction method of asphalt surface layer is consistent with the construction method of ordinary asphalt pavement surface layer, but it should be noted that the construction vehicle must not make sharp turns on the surface of the glass fiber grille and brake. (2) Self-adhesive glass fiber geogrid straight method

The self-adhesive glass fiber geogrid is a patented product of our group, and its construction method is convenient and the quality is stable. The construction method is as follows:

a. For the old asphalt concrete pavement and the old cement concrete pavement, make a leveling layer of 20mm-30mm thick, and use a vacuum car or a sprinkler to ensure that the road surface is clean.

b. Spray AH-70 or AH-90 heavy oil hot asphalt, the dosage should be 0.3kg-0.4kg/m2.

c. Use the special paving car provided by our group to lay a self-adhesive fiberglass grille, which should be laid flat and tight.

d. The length of the transverse overlap should be 50mm-100mm, and the length of the longitudinal overlap should be 150mm-200mm. The overlapping direction of the overlap is consistent with the running direction of the asphalt concrete paver.

e. Rolling with a rubber roller (the rubber roller needs a sprinkler).

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