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Unidirectional geogrid manufacturers


In the 21st century, many people are rushing to buy a house and a car. However, we are only users of the house and do not understand the construction of the house. In fact, house construction requires many tools and requires a lot of manpower, material resources, and financial resources. With the rapid development of the construction industry and highway construction, the demand for low-carbon steel in the market is increasing, which has prompted a class of products that can perfectly replace low-carbon steel in the market-unidirectional geogrid . The unidirectional geogrid is an important tool in the construction of houses. The unidirectional geogrid has many advantages. These advantages make the unidirectional geogrid have an irreplaceable role. So, what is the price of one-way geogrid? Which one-way geogrid manufacturer is strong? Here are some good one-way geogrid manufacturers recommended for everyone to use for reference!

Brief Introduction of Unidirectional Geogrid

Unidirectional geogrid is a kind of polymer material as the main raw material, adding certain anti-ultraviolet and anti-aging additives. After unidirectional stretching, the original chain molecules are scattered and arranged in a linear state. A high-strength geotechnical material made by pressing a thin plate and punching a regular hole net, and then longitudinally stretching it. In this process, the polymer is oriented in a linear state and a uniform elliptical network structure with uniform distribution and high node strength is formed.

Unidirectional geogrid characteristics

Unidirectional geogrid has the characteristics of anti-aging and anti-ultraviolet radiation, so in addition, what are the characteristics of unidirectional geogrid?

Feature one: The unidirectional geogrid has extremely high tensile strength.

The internal composition molecules of the unidirectional geogrid are distributed evenly, and the overall structure is a net. It is precisely because of the mesh structure of the unidirectional geogrid that it has excellent tensile properties and tensile modulus. At present, the tensile strength of the unidirectional geogrids sold on the market is similar to that of low carbon steel, both between 100MPa-200MPa. This is also one of the main reasons why the unidirectional geogrid can replace low carbon steel under certain circumstances.

Feature 2: The creep performance of the unidirectional geogrid is better.

At present, industry standards stipulate that the elongation of a qualified unidirectional geogrid should be about 2% -5%, which also shows that its creep range is about 2% -5%, and its creep performance is undoubted. It is worth mentioning that it is precisely because of its good creep properties that it can better bear and diffuse the role of the soil.

Feature 3: The one-way geogrid is lighter in weight, the construction process is convenient and the price is cheaper than low-carbon steel.

Use of one-way geogrid

1. The unidirectional geogrid is used to strengthen weak foundations: the geogrid can quickly improve the bearing capacity of the foundation and control the development of the settlement. The lateral restraint effect on the road base can effectively distribute the load to the wider base. Thereby reducing the thickness of the base layer, reducing the cost of the project, shortening the construction period and extending the service life.

2. The one-way geogrid is used to reinforce asphalt or cement pavement: the geogrid is laid on the bottom of the asphalt or cement pavement, which can reduce the rut depth and prolong the fatigue life of the pavement. It can also reduce the thickness of the asphalt or cement pavement to save cost.

3. The unidirectional geogrid is used to reinforce the embankment dam slope and retaining wall: the traditional embankment, especially the high embankment, often needs to be overfilled and the edge of the shoulder is not easy to be compacted, which leads to the later slope flooding and collapse Instability occurs from time to time, and a slower slope is required, which occupies a large area, and the retaining wall has the same problem. Reinforcing the embankment slope or retaining wall with a geogrid can reduce the area by one half. Area, extend service life, reduce cost by 20-50%.

4. The unidirectional geogrid is used to strengthen the river and sea embankment: it can be made into a stone cage, and then used together with the grid to prevent the dam from being collapsed by seawater. The stone cage has permeability, which can reduce the impact of sea waves, extend the life of the dam, and save Manpower and material resources to shorten the construction period.

5. One-way geogrid is used to treat landfills: the use of geogrids combined with other geosynthetic materials to treat landfills can effectively solve the problems of uneven foundation settlement and derivative gas emissions, and can be maximized Storage capacity of landfills.

6. Special use of unidirectional geogrid: low temperature resistance. After repeated cooling and heating cycles of -45 ℃ --50 ℃ for 200 times, all performance indexes have met the requirements and have passed the test of the Qinghai-Tibet Railway. It is suitable for the poor frozen soil, rich frozen soil, and high ice content frozen soil in the north. Geology.

Unidirectional geogrid price

1. The specification of Guiyang Tianbang one-way geogrid is 50 * 50 cm, and the price is 15 yuan.

2. Shandong Feicheng Sanjie Engineering Materials Co., Ltd. unidirectional geogrid is 50 * 50 cm in size and the price is 13 yuan.

3. The specification of Shandong Yingxin Engineering Materials Co., Ltd. is 50 * 50 cm, and the price is 9 yuan.

4. The specifications of Anping Rio Tinto Geogrid are 50 * 50 cm, and the price is 17 yuan.

5. Lianyi Engineering Co., Ltd. specifications unidirectional geogrid 50 * 50 cm, the price is 14 yuan.

Note: This price is for reference only! Due to different regions, of course, the price will vary. If you want to know more about the relevant price details, please refer to the local dealers!

Unidirectional geogrid manufacturer recommended

Recommended manufacturer 1: Shandong Feicheng Lianyi Engineering Plastics Co., Ltd.

Shandong Feicheng Lianyi Engineering Plastic Co., Ltd. is one of the most professional large-scale enterprises in the production of unidirectional geogrids in China. The company's production equipment and product production technology are completely imported from abroad, and the company also cooperates with major universities , Continuously innovating new technology for the production of unidirectional geogrids.

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